Jerrold Ross Discovery Center

Usdan Center

The Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts is a summer arts and music camp located on a heavily wooded site in Long Island. The Jerrold Ross Discovery Center is a large, open, multi-purpose space surrounded by small classrooms that is used for the camp’s arts adventure program for children ages 6-8. There are also studios for tap dance, percussion, and jazz ensemble programs. The Discovery Center was renovated with the goal of improving the relationship of the building to its natural, wooded surroundings, and making it more compatible with the other buildings on the campus. The individual classrooms were re-clad in cedar siding and a new pyramidal roof was built above the existing steel space frame. The underside of the roof is exposed and articulated with natural wood decking and large skylights. The interior spaces are enlivened with natural light and bright colors.

Jane Lawson-Bell served as Principal in Charge for the renovation of the Jerrold Ross Discovery Center while a Principal at Atkin Olshin Lawson-Bell Architects, Philadelphia, PA.

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