Grove United Methodist Church

Asbury Hall was built in 1959 as a parish hall and auxilliary chapel to the historic sanctuary at Grove United Methodist Church in West Chester, PA. The renovation of Asbury Hall created a more open, inviting, and flexible space for worship, community gatherings, seated dinners, meetings, and theatrical productions. The built-in stage, partitions, and miscellaneous storage enclosures were demolished to reveal a single, large hall that can seat up to 385 people. Energy efficiency was an important criteria for the project. The scope of work included the replacement of translucent, single-pane windows with clear glass, insulated window units; insulating the exterior walls and roof; replacing the roof; installing a new high-efficiency HVAC system; and installing new energy efficient lighting. To enhance the performance capability of the hall, a new audio-visual system was installed. Additionally, a new elevator and enclosed egress stair were built between Asbury Hall and the education wing to permit accessibility to all levels of the church facility. The project was constructed in two phases to allow the sanctuary and the education wing to remain open throughout construction.

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