Penn Trucking

Office Renovation

Pier 78 and it’s bulkhead building were built in 1917 in the first wave of the City Beautiful movement. The classically ornamented steel and concrete bulkhead building was purchased by PENN Warehousing & Distribution Inc. for renovation into its corporate offices and adjacent to their principal shipping pier. The simple building lent itself well to conversion to a floor plan that is an efficient use of space, and emphasizes the views and natural light. A single loaded corridor runs the length of the building between stairs at either end, and all office spaces have open views of the Delaware River. The prominent steel frame is expressed in most of the interior spaces allowing coffered ceilings and soffits to be created to conceal the mechanical and fire protection systems. On the first level, the truck dock was enclosed to provide additional circulation space and enlarge the entry area. The exterior detailing of the dock enclosure reflects the classical ornament and faux stone base of the bulkhead building. On the interior, strong, simple finishes and bold colors reflect both the pragmatic budget and the maritime flags of the supplier’s ships.

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