New Residence

This private residence in Harpswell, Maine is sited on a wooded three-acre parcel that overlooks Quahog Bay to the east. The owner, a graphic artist, requested a tradition style house and separate work studio. A visit to the site left a strong impression of the land – the unexpected variety and colors of the trees and ground cover, the quality of light, the granite ridge which bisects the site, the gentle slope down to a steep rocky precipice, and the deep cold water below. The granite ridge and plantings form a natural spine between the house and the studio and visually separate the two structures. The color palette for the exterior of the house is derived from the surroundings: charcoal green stained lap siding for the porch base and first floor, olive stained wood shingles cover the second level, and natural cedar fish-scale shingles cover the gable roof pediments. Deep pent roofs and cornice overhangs protect the windows. A large, open porch wraps the front and east sides of the house which overlook the water. On the interior, the centrally located fireplace and hearth are clad in local granite. Natural wood ceilings in the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen are supported by exposed Douglas fir timbers. Heating is provided by the radiant floor coils and backed up by wood burning fireplaces in the kitchen and living rooms.


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